Avocados, the ambrosia of the Americas

As avocados are in full season, check out this post and the recipe for shrimp curry in avocado.

Guyanese Girl Haitian Soul

How I love Avocados!! Let me count the ways…

Rich, creamy, and nutritious. This superfood is calorific but filled with “good fats”. Versatile, tropical, luxurious yet simple; avocados can be used in salads and smoothies or dessert. With so many wonderful options and varieties from which to choose, how can one ever tire of this beautiful fruit?

As a child growing up in Guyana, I instantly loved the avocados which my Dad fondly referred to as a “Pear”. The ones I grew accustomed to were large and voluptuous, with a deep bright green skin. When sliced open, the thick flesh was light green or slightly yellow; buttery and sweet. I loved to eat avocados with a slice of fresh bread from Fung’s bakery; generously slathered with butter and lightly sprinkled with salt. This thought evokes childhood memories and I can almost taste the simple goodness once again.

When I attended…

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